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    Wire Harnesses & Electrical System

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    Harness MEFI 6B 5.7L 21 pin


    Wire Harness 6.0L, 6.2L Marine Power Engines

    Wire harness for Marine Power MEFI 5 fuel injection system. Please advise at to engine model and serial number upon ordering.

    Wire Harness for 3.0L/181ci to 8.2L/502ci Engine Harness

    Carbureted engine wire harness. Made for 3.0L, 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 7.4L, and 8.2L carburated marine engines.

    Wiring Harness 5.7 MEFI 5A

    Engine Harness for Marine Power 5.7 with MEFI 5A ECM. Please advise engine serial and model number before placing order.

    Wire Harness 1.0L Mefi 6 Engine

    Wire Harness 1.0L Mefi 6 Engine.

    10 foot Harness Extension


    16 foot Harness Extension


    25 foot Harness Extension


    3 Foot Harness Extension


    Y Station Extension Harness


    5.7L - 8.1L Mefi 4 Relay Harness Replacement

    Marine Power relay board replacement. Used on Marine Power MEFI 4 engines from 2004 - 2007. Does not come with fuses or relays.

    Jumper Harness MEFI 5 to No-Electronic Throttle Control

    Jumper harness from for use with Marine Power potentiometers to convert from mechanical boat throttle to electronic engine throttle. Used with MEFI 5 Marine Power engines. Marine Power: 473000.

    Wire Harness MEFI4 Replacement w/o box

    Wire Harness replacing Part Number 472605. Must be used with part number 472630.

    ECM Mefi 4 Level 18 Module

    MEFI 4 level 18 ECM. GM Part Number 12584052. This ECM can be programmed for most Marine Power engines with MEFI 4 systems. Programming fee is included in the price for common calibrations. Some unique calibrations may increase ECM price.

    ECM Mefi 5D

    This ECM can be programmed for Marine Power engines with MEFI 5 systems. Programming fee is included in the price for common calibrations. Some unique calibrations may increase ECM price.


    Mefi 6B ECM. Used On all 1.0L Marine Power Production Engines.

    Diacom Diagnostic Tool and Software

    Diacom Marine harnesses the power of your notebook PC to form a sophisticated EFI diagnostic system. In addition to supporting all major sterndrive and inboard engine manufacturers. Version 2.7 now supports Mercury outboards. Diacom Marine allows a technician to quickly view engine performance data and zero in on malfunctions. Easily record and graph data from all accessible EFI system sensors and controls to capture elusive intermittent problems. Diacom Marine includes and extensive set of diagnostic features and has the best broadcast engine support in the marine industry. Marine Power number 94030 (includes CAN network adapter #94029).

    Circuit Breaker 50 Amp Ignition

    50 amp circuit breaker used in Marine Power engine applications. Used in 4.3L through 8.2L engine applications. Push button reset. Ignition protected.

    Relay MEFI 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Relay used on all MEFI 1,2 and 3 Marine Power fuel injected engines. Used on all MEFI 4 Marine Power engines before February 2004. Used on all MEFI 5 Marine Power engines.

    Translator for J1939 to NEMA2000

    The Translator is a CAN diagnostic device that is equipped with two CAN ports, two USB ports, a RS-232 port and µSD Card. Its USB device port is used to relay CAN messages to the CAN Bus Monitor II program.

    Relay 12V 40 amp Harness Relay (Hella)

    Relay used on Marine Power MEFI 4 after February 2004. Used for fuel and ECM inside black box located on engine. This is the relay used in the 472630 harness.

    Throttle Control Module (GM 12588922)

    New GM part Number 12588922 TAC Module. Throttle Control Module used on many marine engines.

    Relay 5.7L - 6.2L Bussman Fuse Box

    Used inside of the Bussman fuse box on all Marine Power engines equipped with the Bussman fuse box (Part Number 472744). Used on Marine Power 5.7L through 6.2L fuel injected engines.

    Relay Starter 70 AMP with Bracket

    70 amp starter assist relay used on all Marine Power Carb engines and MEFI 4 engines after February 2004.

    SSVEC Bussman Fuse Box and Relay Center


    GM OEM Airboat Foot Pedal

    GM OEM Foot Pedal for Marine Power Airboat setups. (Check for calibration conformity before purchase).

    Duetsch 6 Way Connector


    Harness 1' Pigtail Female Round Plug End 9 Pin

    Female round 9 Pin harness for hard wiring to helm.

    6.2L LSA Engine Harness


    Wire Harnesses & Electrical System

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