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    Transom Parts

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    Cobra Transom Service Kit

    OMC Cobra Transom Service Kit. Includes: Universal Joint Bellow, Exhaust Bellow, Shift Cable Bellow, Gimble Bearing, Outdrive Mount Gasket kit, SS Clamps and Ty Wraps. Replaces: Sierra 18-2771 and EMP 61-08715.

    Mercruiser #1, Alpha One Transom Plate Seal Kit

    For MC-1,R,MR,Alpha One, Alpha One SS (with exhaust bellow). Kit Includes- Bellows, Water Hoses (both 5/8" and 3/4") Gimble Bearing, Shift arm, Outdrive mounting kit and SS Clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803097T 1 and Sierra 18-2601-1.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Transom Plate Seal Kit

    Fit Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II 1991-UP. Kit Includes-Bellows, Water Hose, Gimble Bearing, Outdrive Mounting Gasket and SS Clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803099T1 and Sierra 18-8206.

    Mercruiser Bravo I,II,III Transom Plate Seal Kit

    For Bravo I, II, III and Blackhawk Drives. Kit includes- Bellows, Water Hose, SS Clamps, Gimble Bearing, and Outdrive Mounting kit. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803100T 1 and Sierra 18-8212.

    Mercruiser Bravo Upper Seal Kit

    Fits Mercruiser Bravo and Blackhawk Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 26-16709A2, Mercruiser 26-16709A1, Sierra 18-2643, and EMP 26-028388.

    Mercruiser MC1,R,MR Alpha One Upper Seal Kit

    Fits R,MR and Alpha One Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 26-32511A 1 and Sierra 18-2648.

    Sierra Transom Seal Kit 18-8212-1 Replaces Mercruiser 30-803100T1

    Sierra 18-8212-1 Transom Seal Kit with Greasable Gimbal Bearing for All Bravos 1982 & up. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803100T1.

    Mercruiser #1 Alpha 1 Gen 1 Lower Shift Cable

    Fits MC-1,R,MR,Alpha One, Alpha One Gen II, 1987-Up where cable threads in from rear of bell housing. Kit includes-Inner/outer cable, shift slide, cable tip with screws. Replaces: Mercruiser 865436A02 and Sierra 18-2190.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Lower Shift Cable Kit

    Fits MC-1, R,MR, Alpha One, Alpha One Gen II, 1987-Up where cable threads in from the rear of the bell housing. Kit includes-Inner/Outer cable, bellow, outdrive mounting gasket, shift slide, cable tip and hardware. Replaces: Mercruiser 865436A03 and Sierra 18-2603.

    Mercruiser Bravo One Lower Shift Cable Kit

    Fits Bravo I,II,III, Blackhawk, Bravo XR and Sportmaster Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 815471T1 and Sierra 18-2604.

    Sierra Alpha I Gen II Lower Shift Cable Kit 18-2603 Replaces 19543T-1

    Contains shift cable (18-2190), outdrive gasket (18-2619-1), outdrive mounting gasket (18-2743) and shift cable bellows (18-2753-1). Sierra part number: 18-2603. Interchangeable with the following: GLM 21450, Mallory 9-72100, Mercruiser 19543T1, 19543T2, 865436A03.

    Mercruiser #1 Drive Mount Gasket Kit

    For MC-1, 120 through 260. Replaces: Mercruiser 27-64818Q 4 and Sierra 18-2614.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Drive Mount Gasket Kit

    For MC-1,R,MR,Alpha One and Alpha One Gen II. Replaces: Mercruiser 27-949996Q 2 and Sierra 18-2619-1.

    Mercruiser Bravo Drive Mount "O" Ring Kit

    Fits All Bravo I,II,III and Blackhawk Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 16755Q 1 and Sierra 18-2615.

    Cobra Mounting Gasket

    OMC Cobra Sterndrive Mounting Gasket kit. Includes: Gasket and "O" rings. Replaces: OMC 0508105, Sierra 18-2613, EMP 27-00475.

    OMC Stringer Transom Seal 16 hole

    OMC Stringer Mount Transom Seal. Fits 1967-1977 Sterndrive Units with 16 Mounting Holes. Replaces: OMC 03130808, Sierra 18-2767, and EMP 26-08670.

    OMC Stringer Transom Seal 22 Hole

    OMC Stringer Mount Transom Seal. Fits 1978-1986 OMC Stringer Sterndrive Units With 22 Mounting Holes. Replaces: OMC 0909527, Sierra 18-2768, and EMP 26-08671.

    Cobra Exhaust bellow

    Replaces OMC 0767724. Replaces Sierra 18-1074. Fits OMC Cobra Sterndrives.

    Mercruiser Exhaust Bellow (open on one end)

    For Most newer Mercruiser Drives 1983- Newer. Includes SS clamp (clamps on one end). Replaces: Mercruiser 78458A1 and Sierra 18-2760.

    Mercruiser Outside Exhaust Bellow

    Fits All Mercruiser Drives From 1963 and Newer Including Bravo and Blackhawk. SS Clamps included (clamps on both ends). Replaces: Mercruiser 18654A 1 and Sierra 18-2750.

    Volvo Exhaust Bellow

    Volvo Exhaust Bellows with SS Clamps. Fits AQ200, 250, 270, 275, 280, 290, DP Units 280DP, 290DP. Replaces: Volvo 875848, Volvo 876631, Sierra 18-2758, and EMP 61-01850.

    Mercruiser #1, Alpha One Universal Joint Bellows

    For Mercuiser TR/TRS, Alpha 1, R&MR With Ridge 1972-1990. Includes SS Clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 60932A 4 and Sierra 18-2751.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Universal Joint Bellows

    For Alpha 1 Gen II 1991-Newer. Includes Clamp and Sleeve. Replaces: Mercruiser 816431A 1 and Sierra 18-2747.

    Mercruiser Bravo Universal Joint Bellows

    For Bravo I, II, III and Blackhawk 1983-Newer. Includes Clamp and Sleeve. Replaces: Mercruiser 815471T1 and Sierra 18-2604.

    SX Cobra UJ Bellow

    Fits OMC Cobra and SX Models. Replaces: OMC 3854127 and Sierra 18-2765.

    Volvo Bellow with Flap

    Volvo Exhaust Bellow With Flapper Valve Includes SS Clamps. Fits: AQ175, 280DP, 280T, 280PT, AQD40, AQAD40, V8. Replaces: Volvo 875828, Volvo 876633, Sierra 18-2757, and EMP 61-01581.

    Volvo Uj bellows

    Volvo Drive Bellows With SS Clamps. Fits AQ200, 250, 270, 270T, 280, 280T PT 290, DP Unit 280 and 290. Replaces Volvo 875826, 276294, Sierra 18-2744, and EMP 61-00589.

    Cobra Shift Cable Bellow

    Replaces OMC0911826, Replaces Sierra 18-2763, For OMC Cobra Drives.

    Mercruiser Shift Cable Elbow

    For All Mercruiser Sterndrives Including Bravo and Blackhawk. Includes clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 74639A 2 and Sierra 18-2753-D.

    Mercruiser Gimble Bearing (also fits OMC and Volvo)

    Sierra Part Number 18-21006. For All Bravo and Alpha 1 Gen II Drives 1998-Newer. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-879194A01.

    Mercruiser Universal Joint


    Shift Lever Kit (EMP 93-08717)

    Engineered Marine Products 93-08717.

    Yoke and U-Joint Service Kit (EMP 94-01271)

    Engineered Marine Products 94-01271).

    Transom Parts

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