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    Fuel Pumps and Filters

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    High pressure fuel pump used in the Marine Power G-Force fuel system. Used on 4.3L/262ci to 8.1L/496ci engines.

    GM 5.7L - 7.4L 350 454 High Pressure Fuel Pump With Return 52365517

    GM Part number: 52365517. Compatible with Marine Power, Indmar, PCM, Crusader, and Pleasure Craft Marine engines.

    Marine Power G-Force Fuel Pump Filter

    Fuel Filter/Water Separator for all Marine Power G-Force fuel systems. Filter is located in aluminum G-Force fuel system canister. Canister can be removed with oil filter wrench to access fuel filter. Includes rubber O-ring.

    Marine Power G-Force Fuel Pump Cartridge

    Cartridge for Marine Power G-Force Fuel Pump.

    Marine Power EFI G-Force Fuel Pump Kit with Filter and Canister

    Marine Power G-Force Fuel System Kit. Includes: G-Force fuel Pump (438704), Canister (442018), Filter (396007) with O-Ring. Kit comes assembled. Canister is hard anodized.

    Marine Power 4.3L - 8.1L Fuel Pump with Cooler Canister

    Fuel Canister for Marine Power G-force fuel system. Canister is hard anodized for superior corrosion protection. Replaces Marine Power 442005.

    G-Force Fuel Pump Check Valve Fitting

    Fuel check valve fitting used on Marine Power fuel injected engines with G-Force fuel pump.

    Marine Power G-Force Fuel Pump Canister End Cap

    End cap used below the fuel canister in Marine Power's G-force fuel pump system. End cap bolts into the bottom of the aluminum fuel canister (Marine Power Part Number 442005).

    Marine Power G-Force Fuel Pump Canister Gasket

    End cap gasket used below the fuel canister in Marine Power's G-force fuel pump system. End cap bolts into the bottom of the aluminum fuel canister (Marine Power Part Number 442005).

    Low Pressure Electric Fuel Pump

    7psi low pressure fuel pump. Used on carbureted engine when mechanical fuel pumps cannot be used.

    Low Pressure Electric Fuel Pump Kit GM 25115899

    Includes Carter 7psi low pressure fuel pump with mounting hardware, hobbs switch, and wire lead. Used on carbureted engine when mechanical fuel pumps cannot be used. Also used in Marine Power G-Force fuel system. Replaces GM 25115899.

    Low Pressure Electric Fuel Pump with Installed Cooler

    7psi low pressure fuel pump with installed cooler. Used on many Marine Power engines. Used on carbureted engine when mechanical fuel pumps cannot be used.

    GM Low Pressure Fuel Pump EP90

    40 GPH At 6-8 PSI. For All Carbureted Applications.

    Marine Power Low Pressure Fuel Pump Cooler

    Copper coil designed to fit around the low pressure fuel pump (438108). Used in the Marine Power G-Force fuel system by running water through tube to cool the pump to prevent vapor locking.

    Electric Fuel Pump 18-7330

    Sierra 18-7330 Electric Fuel Pump.

    EMP 3.0L/181cid Mechanical Fuel Pump 86234A05

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35282. For GM 4 cyl. (2.5/3.0L); GM (4 & 6 Cyl.) 153, 181, 225, 250; & Mercruiser 3.7L. Includes mounting gaskets and brass fittings. Flange I.D. # M60337, # 41422.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 62092T

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35267.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 826493

    Engineered Maine Products 35-35281.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 862048A

    Engineered Marine Parts 35-35288.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 862077A-1

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35284.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 8M0073435

    Engineered Marine Products 35-352782.

    Mechanical Fuel Pump for MerCruiser Small Block 97401A2

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35283. Mechanical fuel pump for Mercruiser 5.0 liter 305 cid and 5.7 liter 350 cid SBC engines. New mounting gasket included.

    Quicksilver 866169T01 High Pressure Electric Fuel Pump Kit with Regulator

    Mercury Quicksilver High pressure electric fuel pump 866169T01. For Specific V-8 MerCruiser stern drive engines made by General Motors (305, 350, 377, 496 and 502 cid) with Gen III Cool Fuel module. The pump kit includes the pump, regulator and connecting accessories.

    Sierra Fuel Pump 18-7283 Replaces 97401A2

    $120.00 $145.25
    Sierra 18-7283 Fuel Pump for GM V-8 305, 350, 228 / 230 / 260 / 898. Flange ID M60600. Rated at 5-8 psi and 80 gph. Replaces Mercrcusier 8M0058164, 97401A2, A8, 861678A1. Uses gasket 18-0889.

    Sierra Fuel Pump 18-7326 Replaces 805656A2

    $245.00 $305.17
    Sierra 18-7283 Fuel Pump for 1992-93, 1996 fuel injected and carbureted 4.3L with inline electric pump. Replaces Mercury 805656A2; OMC 3858261, 3857986, 3850809, 3854620.

    Sierra Fuel Pump 18-7349 for 2-Stroke 115 HP - 300 HP

    Sierra 18-7349 Fuel Pump for 2-Stroke 115 HP - 300 HP (1984-2004). Uses Kit 18-7788. Replaces Yamaha 6E5-24410-03-00.

    Sierra Fuel Pump 18-7350 Replaces 397839

    $59.95 $87.59
    Sierra 18-7349 Fuel Pump for 6/8/9.9/15 HP 1981-92. Replaces: OMC 397839, 391638, 395091, 397274. Uses repair kit 18-7823.

    Sierra Fuel Pump 18-7352 Replaces 438556

    Sierra 18-7352 Fuel Pump for Johnson, Evinrude 25-55 HP. For Use On Engine Models: 1976-1989 25-55 HP, non-VRO models. Replaces OEM 0438556.

    Sierra Fuel Pump 18-7353 Replaces 438555

    $65.00 $96.77
    Sierra 18-7353 Fuel Pump for 20-30 HP 1990-2000 Outboards. Replaces: OMC 438555, 433386. Includes mounting gasket. Uses repair kit 18-7800.

    Sierra International Fuel Pump Kit 18-7817

    $14.50 $19.41
    Sierra 18-7817 Fuel Pump Kit for Mercury and Mariner Outboards.

    Sierra Outboard Fuel Pump 18-8866 Replaces 899106T01

    $87.95 $108.44
    Sierra Outboard Fuel Pump Part Number 18-8866. Replaces Mercury 899106T01 and 892874T01. Fits Mercury 4 stroke outboards.

    GM Inline EFI Fuel Filter 25171792


    Aeromotive 12307 Marine Fuel Filter Casing (100 micron / 10 micron)

    $136.99 $156.99
    Aeromotive fuel filter for use on Marine Power 6.2L LSA engines and other applications. Aeromotive 12307. Includes filter and Aluminum housing.

    Aeromotive 12601 10 Micron Fuel Filter

    Aeromotive (12601) 10 Micron fuel filter element. Includes rubber O-ring.

    Aeromotive 12604 100 Micron Fuel Filter

    Aeromotive (12604) 100 Micron fuel filter element. Includes rubber O-ring.

    Aeromotive 15107 In-Line Full Flow Check Valve

    $96.56 $126.56
    Fuel check valve fitting used on Marine Power LS3 and LSA fuel systems. For installation after pump, before regulator. Requires ORB-10 to AN outlet fitting. Gasoline only, not rated for alcohol fuels. Thread Diameter: AN-10.

    Aeromotive 15118 3/8'' Female to ORB-08 Feed Line Adapter (6.2L LSA)

    Fuel quick connect fitting used on Marine Power 6.2L LSA fuel systems.

    Aeromotive A1000 Marine Fuel Pump

    Aeromotive A1000 Marine Electric Fuel Pump. Used on all Marine Power LSA Supercharged Engines. Certified to ISO 8846, SAE J1171 & United States Coast Guard Requirements for Ignition Protection & Fire Resistance.

    Aeromotive 18788 Phantom Fuel Pump Pickup Extension Kit

    Includes: 18" Fuel Pump Hanger

    Aeromotive 13114 Fuel Pressure Regulator with bypass

    A true performance EFI Regulator designed for medium to high horsepower marine applications. Features Aeromotive’s high-flow design, superb pressure control and legendary durability. This pressure control regulator has logged more hours than any other performance EFI marine regulator in the world! This is the same Regulator that we use on our production LSA supercharged marine engines.

    GM 4.3L-5.7L Fuel Injected Fuel Regulator 12568878

    Fuel Regulator 4.3L-5.7L GM Fuel Injected from 2001-2015. GM Part Number 12568878.

    GM Fuel Regulator 19239926 (60 psi)

    60 PSI fuel regulator used on Marine Power 6.0L engine applications. GM Part Number 19239926.

    Racor 10 Micron Water/Fuel Separator Filter

    Racor Part Number 660R-RAC-01.

    Sierra In-Line Fuel Filter 3/8" 18-7831

    Sierra 18-7831 Fuel Filter Replaces 802128A1. 3/8". Sonically sealed end caps. Maximum performance with no restrictions.

    Sierra In-Line Fuel Filter 5/16" 18-7830

    Sierra 18-7830 Fuel Filter Replaces 35-81629K2. 5/16". Sonically sealed end caps. Maximum performance with no restrictions.

    Sierra International Fuel Filter 18-7977

    $41.00 $51.27
    Replaces: Mercruiser 35-866171A01. Fits 350 Mag MPI Alpha/Bravo, 350 Mag MPI Horizon Alpha/Bravo , 350 Mag MPI Horizon MIE, 350 Mag MPI MIE, 496 MAG, 496 MAG H.O., 5.0 MPI Alpha/Bravo, 8.1L Inboard, 8.1L Inboard H.O., MX 6.2L MPI Alpha/Bravo, M.

    Sierra International Fuel Filter 18-7981 Replaces 35-884380T

    $31.00 $38.96
    Replaces: Mercury Marine 35-884380T and 35-8M0020349. Fits: All Verados, 90HP (DFI) (3 cyl), 115 DFI (3 cyl) / 200HP (DFI) / 225HP (DFI) (including 3.0L DFI).

    Sierra International Medium Fuel Filter 18-7979 Replaces 881540

    $14.50 $19.08
    Sierra Marine Fuel Filter 18-7979. Replaces Mercury Marine 881540. Fits: 115 EFI (4 Stroke) / 75HP (4 Stroke) / 75HP (4 Stroke) Bodensee / 90HP (4 Stroke).

    Marpac Fuel-Water Separator Filter 7-0860 (10 Micron)

    10 Micron Filtration ensures fuel arrives at the engine(s) clean of contamination and water. E-10 Ethanol Compatible. Will not separate 2-cycle oil from gasoline. Can be used with all 2 and 4 stroke engines.

    30 AMP Fuel Pump Relay

    30 amp fuel pump relay used by Marine Power in all carbureted engine applications. Replaces: Marine Power 460004.

    Marpac Aluminum Fuel Water Separator Bracket 7-0870B

    11/16" threads, 3/8" ports for maximum fuel flow. Aluminum bracket with Black coating.

    Seasense Fuel Filter/Water Separator 50052103

    Includes universal filter and bracket. For all 2 and 4 cycle engines. Replaces Mercury 35-60494A4. This filter will trap water and dirt. Comes with mounting brackets and filter. Two 1/4" pipe to hose barb fittings required.

    Quicksilver 13563Q7 Quick Disconnect Fuel Line Fitting

    Connects your portable fuel tank hose to Mercury, Mariner and Force outboards at the fuel tank end of the fuel line. Includes double seal fuel fitting connector and hose clamp. Replace older fuel lines and primer bulbs when you replace your connector.

    Quicksilver 18458Q4 Water Separating Fuel Filter Kit with Blue Water Warning Sensor

    Replacement water separating fuel filter element includes blue screw-in sensor. For all 1996 and newer Mercury and Mariner V-6 EFI outboards. 10-micron fuel filter removes harmful contaminants, particles and power robbing water from your fuel before it gets into the engine. Internal epoxy coating and corrosion resistant external paint for increased weather resistance. Easy to replace annually when winterizing your engine or every 100 hours of engine time during boating season.

    Quicksilver 8M0061875 Primer Bulb with Clamps for 5/16-Inch (8 mm) Fuel Lines

    For use with 5/16" (8 mm) inside diameter fuel line. Exclusive EPA-MERC-PB15 compliant. Three layers of low-permeation rubber for strength, durability and longevity. Pliable and functional to temperatures +5F (-15C) degrees. Includes hose clamps.

    Sierra Cobra EFI Fuel Filter 18-7789 Replaces 3862228

    Sierra 18-7844 Fuel Filter For Volvo SX/EFI Cobra EFI. Rating: 21 Micron. Replaces: Volvo 3851218-2, 3852413 OMC 502906.

    Sierra Fuel Filter 18-7844 Replaces 35-802893Q

    Sierra 18-7844 Fuel Filter - Short 3.875". Filter Size : Short - 3.875" or 98.4mm. Rating: 21 Micron, Thread Pitch: 42690. Replaces Mercury 35-802893Q.

    Sierra Fuel Filter 18-7845 Replaces 35-60494-1

    Sierra 18-7845 Fuel Filter- Long 4.35". Rating: 21 Micron. Replaces: Mercury 35-807172.

    Sierra Fuel Filter 18-7846 Replaces 502905

    Sierra 18-7846 21 Micron Fuel Filter with OMC thread. Replaces: OMC 502905 and Crusader 98041.

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