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    Flywheels, Couplers and Damper Plates

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    14" J&W Airboat Flywheel 6.0L-6.2L LS3


    4.3 V6 14" Flywheel Bottom Mount Starter

    New 14" Flywheel for 262ci 4.3V6 Engines. 14" Diameter. Fits one Piece Rear Main Seal. For Bottom Mount Starter.

    Flywheel 5.7L/350ci 12 3/4" Bottom Mount Starter

    12¾ inch flywheel for 1986 and later 5.7L/350ci marine engine.

    Flywheel 6.2L LSA 14"

    14 inch flywheel for 6.2L LSA marine engine.

    JW Airboat Flywheel 6.2L LSA 14" (93019-LSA-D)

    14 inch Heavy duty JW Airboat Flywheel for 6.2L LSA GM engines. JW Performance Number: 564-93019LSAD.

    14" Top Mount Rear Entry 5.7L Flywheel

    14' flywheel for 1 piece rear main seal.

    GM LS 168 Tooth Heavy Duty True Billet Flexplate

    Fits GM LS engines with 8 bolt crank. 168 tooth ring gear. 12 pitch tooth profile.

    3.0L/181ci - 5.7L/350ci Damper Plate

    $95.99 $119.99
    Single stage small block damper for 26 spline transmissions. For engine size 3.0L/181 to 5.7L/350ci. Replaces Marine Power 0071-000.

    Damper Plate 1.0L 15M ZF Gear


    Damper Plate 7.4L/454cit 14" Flywheel and 5.7L applications

    $156.79 $195.99
    Big Block Damper Plate for 26 spline transmissions. Replaces: Mercruiser 860125T; Marine Power 701121.

    Engine Coupler 93-93203 Replaces Mercruiser 18643A5, 18-2323

    $239.99 $299.99
    Sierra Part Number 18-2323. The same as 18-2175 without Yoke. Hardware Included. Replaces: Mercury 18643A5, Sierra 18-2323, Marine Power 0007-990F7. Flexplate-style for late model, small crankshaft bolt pattern-style engines.

    Sierra Engine Coupler 18-2171 Replaces Mercruiser 76850A2

    Sierra 18-2171 Engine Coupler fits all GM model engines except MR/Alpha/Bravo with a "triangular" three-bolt coupler.

    12 3/4 Triangle Engine Coupler Replaces 12632A6

    $235.99 $294.99
    Engineered Marine Products 93-93600. This triangular style engine coupler is for GM 4 cylinder engines with late style, small crankshaft bolt pattern. Fits 3.0L/181ci Engines where the coupler mounts to the Flywheel and not the crankshaft. Includes Mounting Hardware.

    MerCruiser 12 3/4 Engine Coupler Replaces 12632A6

    $235.99 $294.99
    For 1990-98 Alpha One & Alpha Gen II (LX model) transom. Triangular style 12¾" flywheel. Mounting bolts and washers included. Engineered Marine Products 93-93600. Replaces MerCruiser 12632A6 and Sierra 18-2321.

    Mercruiser 1985 & later MC-1 & R/MR/Alpha One Hub Style Engine Coupler Replaces 76850A2

    $223.99 $279.99
    For Older model MC-1 & R/MR/Alpha One drives with older Chevy & GM V6 & V8 engines with 2 pc. rear main seals. This coupler is used on pre-1985 MerCruiser 350 ci or 305 ci engines, with what is commonly called a "two-piece rear main seal" or "split seal". Replaces Mercruiser 76850A2, 32492A5, and Sierra 18-2171.

    Sierra Marine Engine Coupler 18-2412 for Mercruiser Sterndrives

    Fits Mercury Marine Bravo V-8, 5.0-Liter, 5.7-Liter, 6.2-Liter, 7.4-Liter, and some race 500 and 525 sterndrives.

    Mercruiser Bravo Engine Coupler (by Sierra)

    $463.99 $579.99
    Mercruiser Bravo Engine Coupler by Sierra. Will work on Bravo I, Bravo II, and Bravo III. Includes all mounting hardware. Replaces: Mercruiser 18311A17, Mercruiser 861523A-9, Mercruiser 8M0098795, Mallory 9-72503, and Sierra- 18-2412.

    Bellhousing 3.0L/181ci to 8.2L/502ci Modified For Jet Pumps

    Borg Warner style bellhousing suitable for three point mounted jet pumps. Replaces Mercruiser 814309A1.

    Borg Warner Style Bellhousing 3.0L/181ci to 8.2L/502ci Replaces 814309A1

    $319.99 $399.99
    Borg Warner style bellhousing suitable for three point mounted jet pumps. Replaces Mercruiser 814309A1.

    Mercruiser 1983-91/1996-98 R/MR/Alpha One & Alpha Gen II Shift Arm Replaces 45518A3

    $27.19 $33.99
    Mercruiser Bellhousing Shift Arm for 1983-91/1996-98 R/MR/Alpha One & Alpha Gen II bell housings. Replaces Mercury 45518A3, 45518A2, 45518B3, 45518B2, 45518A1, Sierra 18-2161, GLM 21140, Mallory 9-72153.

    Mercruiser Bushing Kit for 983-95 R/MR/Alpha One & Alpha Gen II Bell Housing

    $27.99 $38.99
    Bushing Kit for Bell Housing for 1983-95 R MerCruiser R/MR/Alpha One & Alpha Gen II transom shift. Replaces Mercury 805041A2, 79373A1, 805041B2, 79373, 45588, and Sierra 18-2622.

    Mercruiser Style Alpha / Bravo Bellhousing Replaces 12675A16

    Replaces: Mercruiser 12675A 5 and Mercruiser 12675A16.

    3.0L/181ci - 8.2L/502ci Borg Warner Style Bellhousing Dust Cover

    Dust cover for 3.0L/181ci to 8.2L/502ci with Borg Warner style bell housing. Replaces Marine Power 0151-000.

    Dust Covers 6.0L & 6.2L LS Engines Borg Warner Style Bellhousing

    Dust cover for 6.0L and 6.2L GM LS engines with Borg Warner style bell housing.

    Bellhousing Cone Adapter

    Borg Warner style bellhousing cone adapter kit.

    7.4L/454ci Flywheel Bolt

    Flywheel bolt for GM 7.4L/454ci engines. GM part number: 12337973.

    Mercruiser 1987-2009 Alpha One, Alpha Gen II & Bravo Coupling Assembly Replaces 18643A5

    $239.99 $299.99
    Coupling Assembly for 1987-09 MerCruiser Alpha One, Alpha Gen II & Bravo (LX model) transom. Replaces Mercury 18643A5, Sierra 18-2323, and GLM 11532.

    Flywheels, Couplers and Damper Plates

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