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    4.3L - 5.7L Aluminum Sea Water Pump with Pulley 46-13199

    $309.00 $359.00
    Fits MerCruiser and GM V-6 & V-8 engines with serpentine belt. Includes pulley, a HYDRA Impeller, and stainless steel double lip seals. Replaces: Mercruiser 46-13199, 46-807151A9. 454 7.4L, 502 / 8.2L 1997-2000. 305 5.0L 350 / 5.7L 1996-2002.

    Mercruiser #1 Alpha 1 Gen 1 Lower Shift Cable

    Fits MC-1,R,MR,Alpha One, Alpha One Gen II, 1987-Up where cable threads in from rear of bell housing. Kit includes-Inner/outer cable, shift slide, cable tip with screws. Replaces: Mercruiser 865436A02 and Sierra 18-2190.

    Mercruiser #1, Alpha One Transom Plate Seal Kit

    For MC-1,R,MR,Alpha One, Alpha One SS (with exhaust bellow). Kit Includes- Bellows, Water Hoses (both 5/8" and 3/4") Gimble Bearing, Shift arm, Outdrive mounting kit and SS Clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803097T 1 and Sierra 18-2601-1.

    Mercruiser #1, Alpha One Universal Joint Bellows

    For Mercuiser TR/TRS, Alpha 1, R&MR With Ridge 1972-1990. Includes SS Clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 60932A 4 and Sierra 18-2751.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Drive Mount Gasket Kit

    For MC-1,R,MR,Alpha One and Alpha One Gen II. Replaces: Mercruiser 27-949996Q 2 and Sierra 18-2619-1.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Lower Shift Cable Kit

    Fits MC-1, R,MR, Alpha One, Alpha One Gen II, 1987-Up where cable threads in from the rear of the bell housing. Kit includes-Inner/Outer cable, bellow, outdrive mounting gasket, shift slide, cable tip and hardware. Replaces: Mercruiser 865436A03 and Sierra 18-2603.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Transom Plate Seal Kit

    Fit Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II 1991-UP. Kit Includes-Bellows, Water Hose, Gimble Bearing, Outdrive Mounting Gasket and SS Clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803099T1 and Sierra 18-8206.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Universal Joint Bellows

    For Alpha 1 Gen II 1991-Newer. Includes Clamp and Sleeve. Replaces: Mercruiser 816431A 1 and Sierra 18-2747.

    Mercruiser Bravo Drive Mount "O" Ring Kit

    Fits All Bravo I,II,III and Blackhawk Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 16755Q 1 and Sierra 18-2615.

    Mercruiser Bravo Engine Coupler (by Sierra)

    Mercruiser Bravo Engine Coupler by Sierra. Will work on Bravo I,Bravo II, and Bravo III. Includes all mounting hardware. Replaces: Mercruiser 18311A17, Mercruiser 861523A-9, Mercruiser 8M0098795, Mallory 9-72503, and Sierra- 18-2412.

    Mercruiser Bravo I,II,III Transom Plate Seal Kit

    For Bravo I, II, III and Blackhawk Drives. Kit includes- Bellows, Water Hose, SS Clamps, Gimble Bearing, and Outdrive Mounting kit. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-803100T 1 and Sierra 18-8212.

    Mercruiser Bravo One Lower Shift Cable Kit

    Fits Bravo I,II,III, Blackhawk, Bravo XR and Sportmaster Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 815471T1 and Sierra 18-2604.

    Mercruiser Bravo Universal Joint Bellows

    For Bravo I, II, III and Blackhawk 1983-Newer. Includes Clamp and Sleeve. Replaces: Mercruiser 815471T1 and Sierra 18-2604.

    Mercruiser Bravo Upper Seal Kit

    Fits Mercruiser Bravo and Blackhawk Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 26-16709A2, Mercruiser 26-16709A1, Sierra 18-2643, and EMP 26-028388.

    Mercruiser Engine Coupler (by Sierra)

    Sierra Part Number 18-2323. The same as 18-2175 without Yoke. Hardware Included. Replaces: Mercury 18643A5.

    Mercruiser Exhaust Bellow (open on one end)

    For Most newer Mercruiser Drives 1983- Newer. Includes SS clamp (clamps on one end). Replaces: Mercruiser 78458A1 and Sierra 18-2760.

    Mercruiser Gimble Bearing (also fits OMC and Volvo)

    Sierra Part Number 18-21006. For All Bravo and Alpha 1 Gen II Drives 1998-Newer. Replaces: Mercruiser 30-879194A01.

    Mercruiser MC1,R,MR Alpha One Upper Seal Kit

    Fits R,MR and Alpha One Drives. Replaces: Mercruiser 26-32511A 1 and Sierra 18-2648.

    Mercruiser Outside Exhaust Bellow

    Fits All Mercruiser Drives From 1963 and Newer Including Bravo and Blackhawk. SS Clamps included (clamps on both ends). Replaces: Mercruiser 18654A 1 and Sierra 18-2750.

    Mercruiser Outside Trim Line (12"short)

    Mercruiser Outside Trim Hose (UP hose from trim connector to trim cylinder). Fits Mercruiser R, MR, Alpha One, Alpha One Gen II, Bravo I, II, III, XR, and XZ. Replaces: Mercruiser 32-99904, Sierra 18-2116, and EMP 32-00700.

    Mercruiser Outside trim Line Alpha,Bravo,R,MR PORT(DOWN)

    Power Trim Line from Trim Connector to Trim Cylinder (Down). Fits Mercruiser R, MR, Alpha One, Bravo I, II, III, X, XR, XZ Drives. For trim cylinder with casting 98703. Replaces: Mercruiser 32-864588, Sierra 18-2137, and EMP 32-00699.

    Mercruiser Outside trim Line Alpha,Bravo,R,MR Starboard (DOWN)

    Power Trim Line from Trim Connector to Trim Cylinder (Down). Fits Mercruiser R, MR, Alpha One, Bravo I, II, III, X, XR, and XZ Drives. For Trim Cylinder with Casting 98704 and 98704-1. Replaces: Mercruiser 32-864589, Sierra 18-2136, and EMP 32-00698.

    Mercruiser Outside trim line R,MR,Alpha One Alpha one GEN II Port(DOWN)

    Power Trim Line from Trim Connector to Trim Cylinder (Down). Fits Mercruiser R, MR, Alpha One, and Alpha One Gen II. For Trim Cylinder with Casting 14035-1. Replaces: Mercruiser 32-864959, Sierra 18-2115, and EMP 32-801804.

    Mercruiser Outside trim line R,MR,Alpha One Alpha one GEN II Starboard

    Power Trim Line from Trim Connector to Trim Cylinder (Down). Fits Mercruiser R, MR, Alpha One, and Alpha One Gen II. For Trim Cylinder with Casting 14034-1. Replaces: Mercruiser 32-864960, Sierra 18-2114, and EMP 32-801804.

    Mercruiser Shift Cable Elbow

    For All Mercruiser Sterndrives Including Bravo and Blackhawk. Includes clamps. Replaces: Mercruiser 74639A 2 and Sierra 18-2753-D.

    Mercruiser Style Alpha / Bravo Bellhousing

    Replaces: Mercruiser 12675A 5 and Mercruiser 12675A16.

    Mercruiser Thunderbolt V-6/V-8 Ignition Sensor (EMP 87-08107)

    Engineered Marine Products part number 87-08107. Replaces  MerCruiser 87-892150q02 and Sierra 18-5116-1.

    Mercruiser Trim and Slave solenoid


    Mercruiser Universal Joint


    Impeller Service Kit 46-01811

    For 1995-99 Force 3-cyl, 4-cyl outboard water pumps. Manufactured with new upgraded wear plate with molded rubber gasket. Includes improved upper and lower oil drain screw seals.

    2.5L - 3.0L Mercruiser Thermostat Kit 140 Degree 75-00401

    Engineered Marine Products 75-00401. 2.5L, 3.0L, 120 & 140hp. Thermostat Replacement parts kit for Mercruiser 9078T3, 773480, and Sierra 18-3650.

    Mercruiser Carburetor Repair Kit 3302-804844002

    Engineered Marine Products part 1300-08707. Carburetor repair kit for 2 bbl MerCarb with the larger hooked accelerator pump. Used on MerCruiser 4 & 6 cylinder engines. Replaces MerCruiser 3302-804844002.

    MerCruiser Sea Water Pump Pulley, Serpentine Belt

    Engineered Maine Products 56-56000. Sea water pump pulley, serpentine belt.

    Tune-Up Kit With Cap (EMP 300-03091)

    Engineered Marine Products 300-03091 Tune-Up Kit With Cap. For late Model V8.

    Tune-Up Kit With Cap (EMP 300-03074)

    Engineered Marine Products 300-03074 Tune-Up Kit With Cap.

    Tune-Up Kit with Cap (EMP 300-03090)

    Engineered Marine Products 300-03090 Tune-Up Kit with Cap.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Water Pump Impeller Repair Kit 46-00047

    Brand new water pump kit for MerCruiser Sterndrive, containing a new impeller, impeller plate, housing and base, water tube guide, grommet, gaskets and o-rings needed to rebuild your water pump.

    Tune-Up Kit With Cap (EMP 300-03073)

    Engineered Marine Products 300-03070 Tune-Up Kit with Cap.

    Lower Gearcase Seal Kit (EMP 26-00834)

    Lower Gearcase Seal EMP Lower Gearcase Seal Mercruiser OEM# 26-816575A3 #771960.

    Gearcase Seal Kit (EMP 26-00836)

    Engineered Marine Products 26-00836. Includes new rubber coated wear plate.

    Lower Gearcase Seal Kit (EMP 26-00075)

    Engineered Marine Products 26-00075.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 862048A

    Engineered Marine Parts 35-35288.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 8M0073435

    Engineered Marine Products 35-352782.

    EMP Carburetor Repair Kit 3302-804845

    Engineered Marine Products Part Number 1300-03642. Replaces MerCruiser 3302-804845 and Sierra 18-7097.

    MerCruiser Hub Style Engine Coupler 1985-Earlier (EMP 93-01446)

    This coupler is used on pre-1985 MerCruiser 350 ci or 305 ci engines, with what is commonly called a "two-piece rear main seal" or "split seal".

    Shift Lever Kit (EMP 93-08717)

    Engineered Marine Products 93-08717.

    12 3/4 Triangle Engine Coupler (EMP 93-93600)

    Engineered Marine Products 93-93600. This triangular style engine coupler is for GM 4 cylinder engines with late style, small crankshaft bolt pattern. Fits 3.0L/181ci Engines where the coupler mounts to the Flywheel and not the crankshaft. Includes Mounting Hardware.

    EMP 3.0L/181cid Mechanical Fuel Pump 86234A05

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35282. For GM 4 cyl. (2.5/3.0L); GM (4 & 6 Cyl.) 153, 181, 225, 250; & Mercruiser 3.7L. Includes mounting gaskets and brass fittings. Flange I.D. # M60337, # 41422.

    Mercruiser Alpha Gen II Water Pump Kit 46-46501

    Engineered Marine Products 46-46501. For 1991 and later Alpha Gen II water pumps. Replacement one-piece, bi-directional sea water pump body kit. Kit contains the replacement Sea water pump body, impeller, plate, O-ring and attaching hardware.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 826493

    Engineered Maine Products 35-35281.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 62092T

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35267.

    Yoke and U-Joint Service Kit (EMP 94-01271)

    Engineered Marine Products 94-01271).

    Mechanical Fuel Pump for MerCruiser Small Block 97401A2

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35283. Mechanical fuel pump for Mercruiser 5.0 liter 305 cid and 5.7 liter 350 cid SBC engines. New mounting gasket included.

    EMP Mechanical Fuel Pump 862077A-1

    Engineered Marine Products 35-35284.

    Distributor Cap (EMP 300-02134)

    Engineered Marine Products 300-02134.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen I Water Pump Repair Kit 46-00048

    Water Pump Service Kit for MerCruiser R/MR/Alpha One gearcases. Kit includes Impeller, Gaskets for Wear Plate and Base, O rings for base, Oil passage and Oil Drain Screw, Plastic Guide Tube, Top Housing with SS Cup, and Base with Seals.

    OMC Cobra Water Pump Kit with Housing 46-03638

    OMC Cobra Water Pump Kit With Housing. Includes: Impeller, Water Pump Housing, Water Pump Housing Liner, SS Wear Plate, Gasket and "O"Ring. Replaces: OMC 984461/0984744, Sierra 18-3348, and EMP 46-03638.

    OMC Cobra Water Pump Service Kit 46-03637

    OMC Cobra Water Pump Service Kit. Includes Impeller, SS Wear Plate, Water Pump Liner, Plate Gasket, and "O" Ring.

    OMC Stringer Water Pump Kit with Housing 46-00017

    OMC Complete Stringer Water Pump Kit With Housing. Fits 1962-1989 100-260 Sterndrives. For OMC Stringer drive applications (not Cobra). Includes "O" Rings, Driveshaft Seal, SS Wear Plate, Water pump Housing, Impeller, and Impeller Key Way.

    Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Impeller Service Kit 46-09929

    Impeller Service Kit for Alpha One Gen II, 1991 - 1995. Kit includes Impeller, SS Wear Plate with Gaskets (46-27997), and Seal Carrier Assembly.

    Mercruiser Bravo Impeller Kit with Housing 46-13159

    For Mercruiser Bravo and Inboard Engines with one piece plastic housing on sea water pump. Fits most MerCruiser engines with BRAVO sterndrives.

    Mercruiser Bravo Impeller Service Kit 46-03127

    Fits Pumps With One Piece Plastic Housing. Includes Impeller, "O"rings, and SS Wear Plate.

    OMC Stringer Water Pump Shaft 45-01864

    OMC Stringer Driveshaft/ Water Pump Shaft (Short). Fits 1978-1985 OMC Stringer Units.


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