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    Conditions of Use

    Disclaimer of Liability for Ordering and Installing parts

    Applicable use of certain products sold by Marine Engine Depot require specific methods of assembly and/or installation in order to properly function for their intended use.  As such, Marine Engine Depot recommends that any parts, accessories and/or equipment purchased from Marine Engine Depot be assembled and/or installed by a qualified or certified technician who possesses a thorough understanding of the technical specifications of the product. 

    Marine Engine Depot suggests that any customer who is not qualified not attempt to assemble or otherwise install any part, accessory or other equipment purchased from Marine Engine Depot, unless they have a thorough understanding of any technical specifications required for the product to perform as intended. 

    In no way shall Marine Engine Depot be liable for any loss, damage, injury, including any incidental or consequential damages as a result of ordering and/or installing any parts from our website.  Marine Engine Depot shall not have any obligation or liability to Customer for any consequential damages whatsoever sustained or alleged to have been sustained by Customer (including any costs and expenses incident thereto), arising out of or in any way related to the purchase and installation of a product sold by Marine Engine Depot.  The “consequential damages” shall be deemed to include the following: loss of use, revenue, income, or anticipated profits; loss of product, materials or property handled or processed with the use of the Goods; and damage to, loss or destruction of property.  In no event shall Marine Engine Depot be liable to Customer for any damages exceeding the amount of the purchase price paid by Customer.